Gavin Feller

Media - Culture - Religion

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that learning requires risk taking, rigor, and a supportive environment. Students should be both challenged and respected by their instructor. Regardless of course content, I focus first on setting high expectations for students (and myself) while creating an environment for the respectful exchange of ideas, opinions, and arguments.  I encourage students to develop their own goals for the course in addition to my goals as their instructor. I find that prioritizing the process of learning (i.e., workshops) rather than the product (i.e., final grade) fosters more engagement and genuine interest, and increases the relevance of course topics to students' lives outside of the classroom.  To further ensure this relevance, I follow the "flipped classroom" model of teaching by regularly asking students to bring material (news articles, video clips, advertisements, etc.) to bear on course topics and to generate class discussion. My assignments are often multi-modal composition projects, such as podcasts/audio essays and screencast videos, that require risk taking, collaboration, creativity, and careful planning. I believe instructors should prepare thoroughly, be spontaneous when necessary, and reevaluate regularly. 

Courses Taught and Assisted:

Introduction to Communication

Global Media Studies

Multimedia Storytelling (graduate)

Writing for Media

Qualitative Communication Research Methods

Broadcast/TV Production

Broadcast Journalism

Media Management

Film Appreciation


Public Speaking

Media Law



Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, University of Iowa, 2015. 

Professional Development Program Co-Leader, Department of Rhetoric, University of Iowa, 2014. 

TILE (Teach Interact Learn Engage) Teaching Certification, IDEAL Institute, University of Iowa.